Noah Torrent

Noah Torrent - Aronofsky and co-writer Ari Handel went to look in the Bible to figure Tubal-Cain - name associated in the scriptures to his vocation as a blacksmith and gunsmith - to create this antagonism. Do not make a disaster movie only with a flood; every blockbuster needs heroes and villains, and Tubal-Cain is Colonel Quaritch this specific Pandora. Similarly, when referring to the apocryphal Book of Enoch to take advantage of the fallen angels of the Old Testament in the film and create the element of the Watchers, the filmmaker puts into action giant stone that give a hint of fantasy The Lord of the Rings for its epic .

In “Genesis” the story of Noah Torrent has only three pages, and it seems very naive, anyway, hope that Hollywood promises to put up your literary sense of spectacle fidelity. In Noah Torrent, the spectacular is always present, whether in new allocations of touring acts Aronofsky (not yet resigned myself to not play “Age of Aquarius” at the end), that visually approximate Noah Torrent Source of Life, is on the scale of things. The decision to build a huge ark actually on a set is felt; screen in the mission of Noah Torrent actually looks colossal.

The problem of the film is to locate and define the human element in the middle. The script tries to sharpen the story with the so-called Intelligent Design - the scene where Noah Torrent recounts his family the origin of the world seems out of the TV series Cosmos and visibly tries to reconcile creationism and evolution - but there is, at bottom, despite the efforts of the filmmakers, a drama with which the viewer can relate. The dramatic arc of Noah Torrent is no Heart of Darkness; his madness is not gradual, which is basically just changes her hairstyle, and he embraces fundamentalism from the third act without questioning the truth.

And that’s where that initial operation to counter a heroic figure and an archetypal villain (Noah Torrent and Tubal-Cain) is short-circuited. Noah Torrent is not exactly a hero; he lives with harrowing consequences of their actions not because they made ​​bad choices and learned from them - the classic hero’s journey - but because he followed the orders he received. When he understood, after the rain, that God will “ask” who is relentless in his mission, this is a fundamentalist reading that Noah Torrent is before the divine silence - and at that moment the epic Noah Torrent might have asked (and your family undoubtedly asks) that he was, if not a humanist, at least one hero in transformation.

Darren Aronofsky was born Jewish - religion that differs from Christianity, among other things, by the provision in question the “leap of faith” of Catholics - and today it says atheist. He is interested in religion with this external who grew nourishing doubt look, although the moralism in some of his films leave not be a substitute to the religious dogmas. Are such inconstancy and this paradox - believe in free will while imposing a moral to his characters - that make her interesting films, and Noah Torrent is no different.